South Africa is the largest producer of platinum a metal associated with exclusivity and wealth A Native Platinum Nugget Extracted From A Russian Mine
Answering the question How Is Platinum Mined platinum mining techniques and photos of platinum mines
Platinum along with the rest of the platinum group metals is obtained commercially as a by product from nickel and copper mining and processing During electrorefining of copper noble metals such as silver gold and the platinum group metals as well as selenium and tellurium settle to the bottom of the cell as anode mud which forms the
28 Sep 2011 Summary Placer mining for platinum has taken place intermittently in the area near Goodnews Bay in southwest Alaska since 1927 Recently
Platinum Group Metals Ltd is a mining company focused on the production of platinum and palladium Our projects are located in the Bushveld Complex in South Africa surrounded by 70 of the world s platinum production
Declining platinum mining production much of which is underwater in terms of cost could create spikes in the value of platinum relative to gold
The largest reserves are in the Bushveld Complex in South Africa South Africa accounts for about 41 of the mined platinum followed by United
21 Nov 2016 Impala Platinum 39 s Implats platinum mining operations are concentrated around the Bushveld Complex in South Africa and the Great Dyke in
Mogalakwena Mine South Africa Anglo American Platinum Mogalakwena Concentrator South Africa Anglo American Platinum School of Mines South Africa
Platinum is even more scarce than gold Only 3 6 million troy ounces are produced per year Its specific gravity is 21 45 and it was discovered in the 18th century not in 3 000 B C If you assume that the world has produced 3 6 million ounces per year for 50 years to estimate the total worldwide supply all of the platinum in the world would
Approximately 30 percent of mined platinum is used in jewelry according to Total Materia Most of the famous diamonds in the world such as the Hope Diamond
There is anecdotal evidence of gold mines being abandoned due to platinum contamination Platinum metal became popular in such pieces due to its pale colour
Opinion Why platinum is overtaking gold this year By Michael Brush Published Apr 27 2016 11 53 a m ET Share Historically platinum has traded at a premium to gold not a discount Getty Images
Interesting Facts Listed below are some very interesting and rarely known facts about platinum Platinum is so rare that against 1800 tons of gold mined annually
It is amazing but the total amount of gold in the world is a surprisingly small q uantity Here s how you can calculate the total amount that is available If you look at a page like this one or if you look it up in an encyclopedia you will find that the annual worldwide production of gold is
15 Aug 2014 Striking platinum mine workers march together in Marikana near to the site of 2012 39 s massacre Photograph Jason Larkin Institute
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This statistic shows the global mine production of platinum from 2012 to 2017 by major producing countries The mine production of platinum in Russia amounted to approximately 21
Platinum is a rare Precious Metal that is mined in very few parts of the world APMEX carries a large variety of Platinum coins and Platinum bars that are high in
Canada was the fourth largest producer of platinum last year Here s a look at where the metal is mined in the country and which companies are mining it
 · Resource watch speaks to SA s mines minister about a range of issues from mine safety to the recent granting of the Ivanplats mining rights to create the wo
Asteroid mining is a technology in its earliest stages with massive start up costs Other sources of strategic elements may be discovered and alternative technologies may reduce demand before asteroid mining becomes a reliable source of strategic elements
Mining Platinum Platinum is usually found naturally in deposits of small grains dust or small nuggets averaging 50 75 purity Small amounts of it are acquired as byproducts of other mining The industrial extraction of platinum is complex The metal often is found in ores mixed with other metals such as palladium and gold On average it exists on the earth s crust at about 5 1000th s
Nearly 14 times more gold than platinum is mined per year about 1 800 tons 1 633 metric tons of gold compared to 130 tons 118 metric tons of platinum according to Science for Kids According to Total Materia nearly half of the platinum that is mined is used in catalytic converters the part of the automobile that reduces toxic gases into less toxic emissions Platinum and other
Element Platinum Pt Group 10 Atomic Number 78 d block Mass 195 084 Sources facts uses scarcity SRI podcasts alchemical symbols videos and images
Whether a person should take the bullion investment approach or the shares of the three South African platinum mining companies or the North American stock Stillwater Mining or the Australian Delta Gold or even platinum coins is a personal decision dependent upon numerous factors and one s tolerance for risk Unfortunately discussion of these factors is beyond the scope of this report
6 Dec 2016 A new platinum mine in Zimbabwe will triple the reserves of Zimplats ASX ZIM the country 39 s largest platinum miner and allow the company to
Zondereinde mine is located on the upper end of the western limb of the South African Bushveld Complex Operational since 1993 the mine is established and
4 Oct 2017 We produce around 37 of the world 39 s newly mined production of this precious metal We mine process and refine the entire range of platinum
Based in South Africa our Platinum business is the world 39 s leading major producer of platinum We produce around 37 of the world 39 s newly mined production
6 Jun 2016 For several decades now all petrol driven motor vehicles have had to feature a catalytic converter in their exhaust systems to meet the
Platinum in the Province Mining – An Industry Overview The North West Province has a definitive comparative advantage in mining Known as the Platinum Province it is responsible for 94 of South Africa s platinum 46 of the granite and 25 of the gold produced in the country
This is the 3rd video in a serious focusing on precious metals recovery from primary sources ore ipmi org
Platinum group elements are mined from mafic and ultramafic igneous rocks in alluvial and placer deposits hydrothermal veins and contact mineralization deposits They also occur in the mineral cooperite and in igneous rocks Pohl 2011
How Rare is Platinum Platinum is mined in very few mining deposits throughout the world and many of the uses of Platinum go to the automotive industry for
RUSTENBURG South Africa After years of digging ever deeper to extract platinum from the ground some miners of the precious metal are opting for a new strategy starting over Decades of mining have depleted South Africa s easily mined ore Frequent strikes have hit profitability and pushed up
For each compound a formal oxidation number for platinum is given but the usefulness of this number is limited for p block elements in particular Based upon that oxidation number an electronic configuration is also given but note that for more exotic compounds you should view this as a guide only The term hydride is used in a generic sense
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