Nov 01 2017· Converting a chlorine pool to a bromine one is a simple process You simply balance your water levels and start adding bromine instead of chlorine Because chlorine activates bromine you ll need to periodically shock your pool with bleach to rejuvenate your bromine and keep it at the right levels
May 30 2006· Second I question how well you can clean the feeder out I don t know the amount of bromine needed to convert the chlorine pool back to a bromine pool but the amount of bromine that is used as a mustard algae treatment which converts the pool to bromine temporarily is not very much
Shock the Pool With NON Chlorine pool shock also called potassium peroxymonosulfate Add it at a rate of 5 lbs per 10 000 gallons of pool water So if your pool is 22 000 gallons you ll need about 11 lbs Add 1 2 the shock wait 24 48 hrs and then add the remaining This step is important to oxidize remaining traces of peroxide in the water
Jun 23 2016· The same is not true for the reverse situation in that adding bromine to a chlorine pool will permanently convert the pool over the bromine until you drain it completely and refill
The first step when considering converting your pool to salt water is understanding how the chlorination process works The basic principle is that instead of adding chemical chlorine pucks or powder to your pool on a daily or weekly basis your pool will produce chlorine naturally from the salt that is in the water by breaking down the salt molecules
Mar 28 2017· But to convert the chlorine ppm into bromine ppm we need to adjust for the weight difference To do this we simply multiply by the 2 25 factor mentioned above Example You are
Oct 22 2013· There are a few things to consider when converting to a saltwater pool Saltwater pools are not chlorine free pools so watch the video to determine if a salt system is the best option for you
Even if you don t convert your pool to salt water yourself you can get one installed for usually half as much as you ll hear from a big pool company chain But if you have some basic DIY skills or a handy friend you can convert your pool to a saltwater system yourself and save big
Converting from Chlorine or Bromine to Baquacil® do not convert to the Baquacil Pool Care System unless the pool surface is properly treated acid washing sand blasting etc to remove the accumulated deposits Existing stains may intensify and or alter their color if these precautions are not followed
Bromine combines with contaminants to neutralize them in a similar way as chlorine but a good amount of bromine still stays active even after combining with the contaminants Again a weekly shock treatment will burn off the contaminants and remove them via the filtration system however a lot of the bromine stays behind in the water to
How to Convert a Pool to Salt Water Chlorine is by far the most common type of pool but by no means the most popular More and more people are switching to saltwater pools to reap the benefits of a natural and completely safe method of keeping their pool water clean
Once bromine is used in a pool it will remain a bromine pool even if bromine is discontinued and chlorine is used A popular misconception is that the pool must be drained to switch to chlorine While that is the quickest method of converting a pool to chlorine a pool with bromine or bromide ions can switch back to a chlorine pool over time
May 14 2014· It s pretty hard to get rid of the bromine salt residue in the presence of the DMH dimethyl hydantoin stabilizer used in bromine tabs And as long as the bromine salt is present adding chlorine will simply convert the bromide ion to new bromine leaving you with an expensive bromine pool even though you are using chlorine
May 04 2019· In your case with the spa so close to the pool I would not recommend bromine You don t want folks to go back and forth between pool and spa and carry bromine back into your chlorine pool Over time I would imagine you d end up having a bromine pool and that would IMO be disastrous to try to manage
A salt water hot tub is indeed a hot tub with added salt but it s a little more complicated than that Salt water systems for both pools and hot tubs run off of a salt cell chlorinator which means that instead of adding straight chlorine to your hot tub this chlorinator is continually generating its own chlorine
Feb 15 2015· Bromine is something that no one really knows exactly what it is here Al does an AWESOME job explaining it for others to understand For all the pool knowledge you re looking for check out Ask
Perhaps you have a swimming pool and it already uses a traditional chlorine sanitizing system to keep your pool water clean which is fine and all but you ve heard of all the benefits of saltwater pool systems and want to change over to the salty side Luckily it turns out converting a chlorine pool to a saltwater pool is not only a fairly simple process but relatively inexpensive as well
Oct 26 2019· To convert a salt water pool to chlorine start by turning off the pool pump and unscrewing the salt cell to remove it from the pipe near the control panel Once the salt cell is taken off get a new PVC pipe that is the same diameter as the existing pipes and use a hacksaw to fit it in the space where the salt cell was placed
Pool water chemistry is a balancing act a change in one area can affect the entire chemistry of your pool Either chlorine or bromine can be used as a sanitiser that is a chemical that kills bacteria and other micro organisms Each has slightly different properties although they do the same job Chlorine
Converting a Pool from BAQUACIL to Chlorine Some customers may want to return to chlorine from BACQUACIL To convert a pool to chlorine follow these steps If possible allow the BAQUACIL level to naturally drop to 30 ppm or partially drain and refill to dilute the BAQUACIL concentration in the pool This will quicken the conversion time
Jul 15 2014· POOL CHEMISTRY 101 How to Sanitize Your Water Chlorine Bromine Salt Minerals Swim University Duration 8 34 Swim University 17 000 views
Quick Summary Cost to Convert a Pool to Saltwater Generally it will cost between 1 200 and 1 500 to purchase and install a chlorine generator The salt for the chlorine generator only costs around 20 to 30 per year Salt is corrosive so most chlorine generators need to be replaced every 5 years
Look for a combined chlorine reading of less than 0 2 ppm while you have a free chlorine reading of 1 0 ppm or higher which means they are almost the same on your strip Once a free available chlorine residual has been established with a combined chlorine level of less than 0 2 ppm you are ready to begin a routine chlorination schedule
Dec 06 2018· Effectiveness The measure of a sanitizer s effectiveness is its reactivity rate This refers to how quickly it destroys contaminants Chlorine Kills contaminants more quickly than bromine does Bromine Is a very reactive element though not as reactive as chlorine so it kills more slowly than chlorine Bromine also has a lower pH than chlorine so it can help keep your overall water
When you add bromine to a chlorine pool on the other hand the bromine does not go away but builds up over time creating a chlorine demand Therefore when you shock the pool with chlorine the residual bromine will convert the chlorine into you guessed it bromine So when professionals test the water it will indicate that there s no
Jun 15 2008· The test for chlorine and the test for bromine are essentially identical except that the ratio is different you multiply the results from the chlorine scale by 2 25 to get the amount of bromine If you have bromine in the pool you cannot have chlorine The chlorine will just oxidize the bromine and you re right back to a bromine pool
Aug 25 2011· The only way to convert from bromine to chlorine is to drain and refill Bromine does not break down like Chlorine The bromine you have added will remain in the water for years to come Chlorine will renew the bromine but you will have a bromine pool Sunlight will breakdown bromine if it is an outdoor pool
Enjoy your Salt Water Pool Get started today You can convert your chlorine pool into a saltwater swimming pool and enjoy the benefits of salt water chlorination right in your own backyard If your pool has a traditional chlorine sanitization system you can easily switch to Hayward s advanced salt chlorination system
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